DSA Anodes

Long Life . Dimensional Stable . Efficient . Energy Saving


As a professional DSA MMO anodes manufacturer, Standard Titanium customize coating fomula, shapes and sizes of anodes according to installation, medium, electricity and requirement of lifetime, etc. Besides, Standard Titanium benefits its clients with complete electrode products like anodes, Ti clad copper and cathodes of durable, stable and efficient performance.

Ruthenium Anodes

Titanium substrate is normally GR1 or GR2 in term of situation of medium, service life, etc.

Fomula of coating is always customized to satisfy requirement of life time and working conditions of medium, current, temperature, etc.

Customize types like mash, plate, tublar, etc. Also customize sizes according to the requirement.


Iridium anodes are normally recognized as oxygen evolution anodes. Generally, the MMO anodes are titanium substrates coated with iridium and tantalum oxide.

Our anodes benefit users with longer service life, lower electric consumption,etc.

Excellent perform in electro winning and PCB (printed circuit board) industry.


The anodes combine catalytic properties of platinum with robustness and character of anti-corrosion of titanium substrates.

Through sintering technology, platinum metal can stay on titanium substrate uniformly and firmly.

Therefore, our anodes are durable and efficient in electroplating for excellent finishing.

Titanium Clad Copper

We offer a line of titanium clad copper rod and bar products combine excellent conductivity of copper and high corrosion-resistance ability of titanium.

>Precise and automatic cutting and welding.

>Tight straightness and flatness tolerance control.

>Customized solution and production to satisfy various requirements.

> Stainless clad copper is also available.

Where there is the sun, there is the moon

Where there are anodes, there are cathodes



Titanium cathodes are usually used in electrowinning, especailly in copper recovery. It helps to react fast and easier to collect copper.

Commonlly, the raw material is GR1 titanium plate. Sometimes, GR2 is another option, too. Generally, we can find that most of cathodes are in shape of plate.

>Complete automatic production line.

>Precise welding, slotting and drilling.

>Strict material quality control.

>Tight flatness tolerance for efficient performance.

>Customize with drawings and specific requirement.


>As a professional manufacturer, Standard Titanium benefits its clients with complete electrode products like anodes, Ti clad copper and cathodes. By precise fomula customization and excellent production technology, Standard Titanium benefits its clients with durable, stable and efficient performance. Constantly, Standard Titanium has contributed in water treatment, electrowinning, electroplating, PCB production industries, etc.

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